Sfinks Mixed

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Sfinks Mixed

Sfinks Mixed


Curate an artistic, visual language that appeals to our creative, open-minded target audience and create a consistent look and feel through a different variety of marketing materials.

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Design Strategy

Sfinks Festival is a world music festival that seeks to put new sounds, new artists and new proposals on stage. It is a festival to move, dance, enjoy and sweat. Sfinks Festival, is dynamic, just like its music. It transforms according to the context and takes different forms. We portrayed all this with a visual system that revolves around fluid shapes that convey movement and seek to portray the essence of the event.

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SfinksMixed Brochure GraphicMedia
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We created a visual pattern that celebrates eccentricity in all forms, capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of the festival fans but also remaining respectful to the Identity of the Festival. The essence of the festival is truly captured by the versatility in our T-shirt designs.

SfinksMixed Tshirt GraphicMedia3
SfinksMixed Tshirt GraphicMedia2
SfinksMixed Tshirt GraphicMedia1
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