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Urban Biorefinery

Urban Biorefinery


Create a Brand Identity & develop a one-pager that comply with the key messaging of Urban Biorefinery, which falls under two key areas: Sustainability and Minimalism.

Urban Biorefinery Imac GraphicMedia scaled


We wanted to create a brand that can appeal to its target group, the younger generation, the ones that want to make a change. We tried to embody that spirit, and make a vibrant, direct, and up-to-date identity out of it. The digital medium gave us the opportunity to work with a saturated green colour, a colour that is associated with sustainability and nature.

Urban Biorefinery OnePager GraphicMedia 1 scaled
Urban Biorefinery OnePager2 GraphicMedia


A simple yet elegant shape represents reformation and is used as a logotype, accompanied with a minimal sans serif font with rounded edges, which makes the logo friendly and inviting. The one-pager displays the general information with clarity and hierarchy, accompanied by visuals, and provides a communication form.

Urban Biorefinery Logo White GraphicMedia
Urban Biorefinery Logo Green GraphicMedia
Urban Biorefinery ColourPalette GraphicMedia
Urban Biorefinery Font GraphicMedia
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Urban Biorefinery LogoBanner GraphicMedia

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